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Oct 27

Hair Care: Don’t put your hair back wet.

One of the first things I often tell clients is DO NOT PUT YOUR HAIR BACK WET! All of that baby hair is really BROKEN HAIR!

Why does hair break?

The most common reason hair breaks is because people put it back wet.  Hair is 50% more stretchy when it is wet.  When you put it under tension while it is wet and it dries it contracts resulting in breakage.  This is just like a rope.  If you put a wet cotton rope under tension and it dries it will be under many times more tension when dry because the fibers will contract.  Eventually the rope, or your hair, will snap.

What can you do?

When you get out of the shower towel dry your hair, then place it in a messy bun.  I’m a big fan of making a “towel hat” to hold your hair up off your head.  If you must put it back wet use a clip instead of a hair band.

Look for a simple how to on making a hair wrap at home with a small towel coming soon.

We also suggest you use a great product line like Davines Minu Anti-Breakage Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum.  These ingredients reduce hair breakage and strengthen your hair.

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