A Great Headshot is a GREAT Idea!

Mar 14

Put your best image forward

We have a lot of executive clients.  If you have a Linkedin Account you need a GREAT Head Shot!  Why? We all have cameras on our phones right?!  Well yeah… but a selfie just doesn’t communicate the same image as a professional photographed and edited headshot.  You want a GREAT head shot.  You don’t want one that looks like a school portrait from 1985.  You need framing, placement, and great lighting.

What about your hair?

That is a great question.  We recommend that woman get a blowout the day of their photoshoot.  It isn’t a bad idea to have your makeup professionally applied as well.

For guys, we recommend having a fresh hair cut 2 days before your photoshoot.  Don’t take your chances with Great Clips or a similar salon where you have to hope and pray for great results.  Believe us there is a difference.


Who do choose?!

We love working with Mica Parekh with IWP Photography!  She does amazing head shots, is a pleasure to work with, and you should certainly check her out.  Mention this blog post and get your professional headshot for only $100. 

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