May 06

Children’s Wedding Activities

Not many brides and grooms wish to exclude children in their own wedding. Many are pleased to welcome children in their wedding equally as members of their wedding celebration and as guests.

Having kids at a wedding, however, poses an assortment of issues.

Can you leave the kids to their own devices and expect that they behave and do not get in the way? Possibly the solution is a combination of both, with a smattering of fun.
To start with, if kids are invited to the marriage, take into account the ages of their kids. Infants might need to remain with mother and/or daddy, for an assortment of factors. So intending to have all of the kids in a different area may not be achievable. However, if the kids are toddlers to around age 12, then you can offer another space for them with a quite a few tasks available for them.

When the kids are going to be in another room at the reception, it is possible to offer a coloring table, possibly a TV with few fun movies ready to roll up, and a few board games. That is probably sufficient for the whole period of the wedding reception. Do not expect the children to take up the actions by themselves, but instead inform the childcare provider to get the children involved with the actions by doing them with them.

Imagine if the kids will be a part of their reception festivities? What actions can be geared to kids in the reception? There are loads of things that you can do. You may surely organize a coloring table in the rear of the reception hall or area.

The artwork table could be more than simply coloring! Children can amuse themselves for long intervals, making critters, strange figures and so on. Consider “play” clay which doesn’t adhere to anything and will not leave a trace on furniture. With a couple distinct colors, children can produce many different critters, faces or monsters.

Many brides prefer to plan more officially for their little guests. There are lots of options when that is the path that you would like to take. One popular choice is to have compensated entertainment available only for the kids. This can occur in another area or toward the rear of the reception area or hallway if it is large.  When there’s another space available, you may even employ a children’s artist to come and amuse the youngsters. The choices are endless.

If no programs are created for your kids, however, they arrive at the wedding anticipating a good time for themselves, you are going to need to make some programs. One choice is that a “child only” dance, which lets only the kids on the dancing floor. This isn’t just adorable to see but entertaining too. The moment will bring a grin to the face of each grandmother and grandpa present.

Jan 08

Parvati’s Mirror

Festival of Sleep is certainly a day we can get behind! Did anybody get to sleep in over the long weekend?

Festival of Sleep is certainly a day we can get behind! Did anybody get to sleep in over the long weekend?

Posted by Parvati's Mirror on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Jul 06

Acupuncture, a bad shoulder and stress!

Acupuncture: Combating Stress and Shoulder Problems

Stress.  We all have it.  As an Entrepreneur, I have more than my fair share.  As a hair stylist, I wear my body down on a daily basis.  I recently decided to try acupuncture on the advice of our massage therapist Shauna Wright

I met Dr. Ben Townsend at his office just three blocks from the salon. He gave me a series of health surveys and questionnaires. ​ He then took the time to get to know my past health history and my major concerns. 

I came back a few days later to begin treatments.  Dr. Ben Townsend recommended a series of dietary changes that were simple but he thought would begin to address some of my symptoms.  He then said we'd begin a series of treatments to address my stress and my shoulder pain.  For years my shoulder has been clicking or scraping.  This is a result of my job.  I thought that was nothing more I could do than get regular massage with Shawna and my regular Yoga Practice with Marc Guilarte.​

We began by me laying down on a table.  Dr. Townsend inserted needles into various points in my body.  He then applied some radiant heat.  I felt flashes of energy and felt heat moving all over my body.  It wasn't painful.  I barely even felt the needles.  I laid there and listened to some relaxing music for a bit and then it was over.  I felt more relaxed, despite being insanely stressed before treatment, and that feeling continued over the next few days. 

I have had subsequent treatments where I have received Acupuncture, cupping, more nutritional recommendations, and I have to say I have just continued to improve.  

Today I went for treatment.  My stress level was at about a 9.9 on the scale and my shoulder was tight, sore, and clicking like all get out.  60 Minutes later I felt like my stress had dissolved and my shoulder was moving freely and no longer clicking.  

As they say, the proof is in the pudding! 

Check out Dr. Ben Townsend here. 

Jul 06

Get your Teeth Clean with our Friend at Renaissance Dental Center

Clean Teeth From Renaissance Dental Center and Dr. Anna Abernathy

I'm embarrased to say it but until recently it had a been a LONG time since I had my teeth cleaned.  I'm a religious twice a day brusher and flosser so I thought what could possibly be going wrong?  I recently decided it was time to get the cleaning done and make sure everything is going OK.

Dr. Anna Abernathy is one of the dentists at Renaissance Dental Center located right past North Hills inside the Beltline.  I decided to give it a try.

First let me say that the office is STELLAR.  Talk about raising the bar in Dental Care!  I was surprised by the amenities.  ​I checked in to my appointment and was offered a plethora of comfort options!  You want it or need it they have it!

Let's take a look at what they have to offer before you even get in the dental chair:

  • A Variety of Beverages
  • Single Use Toothbrushes in the Bathroom
  • Massage Chairs !!!!
  • Warm Blankets
  • Eye Compresses
  • Towels
  • Friendly Staff
  • TV, Comfy Chairs, Magazines
  • Snack items

I didn't really have time to wait long (didn't even get to finish my massage but I did after the appointment).  I was greeted by their fabulous front desk staff and then lead back to some very comfy and neato Dental Chairs.  This bad boys are state of the art. 

My hygienist was gentle and did the normal thing but she made sure I was comfortable.  She even offered me noise cancelling headphones!  WHAT THE WHAT!  ​

My teeth were cleaned and I have really never been more comfortable.  Dr. Anna came in and took a look and she advised me that I needed a deep scaling.  Periodontal Disease is common on my Dad's side of the family so I figured I would hear that.  I was concerned because the last time I got deep scaling it was incredibly painful.  Dr. Anna assured me that I would not experience discomfort and we'd do it at a pace I was comfortable with.  

I am uninsured so Dr. Anna said we'd do it at my pace and in my budget.  I was pretty thrilled.  I got some great at home recommendations, a clean bill of dental health and was then escorted to one of the friendliest billing ladies I have ever met.  She reviewed my plan and gave me a timeline based on my ability to save for the treatment!

All in all I can't tell you how pleased I was with my experience.  If you are looking for a Dentist I highly recommend checking out Renaissance Dental.  

Check them out on the web here.

Check them out on Facebook. ​

May 16

Is Your Stylist Ripping You Off?

Are you getting ripped off? 

I believe in Integrity! My Mother taught me that the only thing worse than a liar and a thief was a murderer.  I have lived my life based on that lesson.  I have taken lesson that into my practice as a business owner and a hair stylist.  I have seen a lot in my years as a hair stylist and I want to let you know that a lot of you are getting ripped off! Let's explore how you are getting taken for a ride. 

Everyone Does Not Need a Base Break or Smudge

I see a lot of people in my salon chair that are convinced they need a base break or a "smudge" every single time they go to the salon.  They are often charged $50 or more for this service.  This service is a chemical hair lightening service to lift the hair 2-3 levels to make a highlight more effective for those that have darker hair.  It is a special case scenario at Parvati's Mirror and is only done on those that need it most.  We charge between $20 and $25 for this service.  Some salons in Raleigh believe EVERYONE gets this service regardless of needs and level.  This is simply a rip off.  They charge $50+ for this service and everyone gets it.  It is often poorly executed, resulting in brassy roots and less than appealing hair.  

Why would they do this to you?

This is a great way to "pad a ticket" to use an industry term. This is a way to charge clients more money for something they don't need.  Some salons in the Triangle make this a standard practice.  I'm here to say this needs to stop.

At Parvati's Mirror we believe that each person gets a customized plan that tells them what they need and how often they need it.  They can be assured we'll stick to the plan unless their desires change or their needs change.  

We will give you consistent pricing because you need to budget and so do we.  We won't create a "hair crisis" to make sure you spend more money this week to pad our bottom line.  Integrity matters more than the bottom line at the end of the day.  This is our promise to you. 

I know it is awful.  It is awful to consider that your stylist is trying to ripp you off.  It happens.  You like them.  They are a good person.  Remember they have a boss!  That boss has to have the integrity to worry more about you than they do their pocket book. 

If you need a stylist you can trust we encourage you to give us a call and schedule a consultation.  

We promise to be 100% honest, 100% sincere and give you the best advice possible. We want to build a relationship you can trust. ​

Mar 28

Peek A Boo Highlights for Spring

One of the best things about spring is trying something new with your hair!  This year I’m really loving Peek A Boo highlights for those who don’t normally get color.  What are Peek a Boo highlights?  Normally highlights go throughout the head to give the appearance of overall lightening.  When you do Peek a Boo highlights you put highlights under the back and sides of the head so that the darker hair is still the primary color and little pops of lighter hair show up when your hair moves or is lifted up.

Here is a great example! If you’d like some Peek-a-Boo highlights give us a call at the salon! 919-867-1133


Mar 14

A Great Headshot is a GREAT Idea!

Put your best image forward

We have a lot of executive clients.  If you have a Linkedin Account you need a GREAT Head Shot!  Why? We all have cameras on our phones right?!  Well yeah… but a selfie just doesn’t communicate the same image as a professional photographed and edited headshot.  You want a GREAT head shot.  You don’t want one that looks like a school portrait from 1985.  You need framing, placement, and great lighting.

What about your hair?

That is a great question.  We recommend that woman get a blowout the day of their photoshoot.  It isn’t a bad idea to have your makeup professionally applied as well.

For guys, we recommend having a fresh hair cut 2 days before your photoshoot.  Don’t take your chances with Great Clips or a similar salon where you have to hope and pray for great results.  Believe us there is a difference.


Who do choose?!

We love working with Mica Parekh with IWP Photography!  She does amazing head shots, is a pleasure to work with, and you should certainly check her out.  Mention this blog post and get your professional headshot for only $100. 

Check out IWP Photography’s site

Follow IWP Photography on Facebook


Jan 05

Mind First – Everything Else Later

Six years ago I was FAT.  I mean REALLY FAT!  I was MISERABLE!

My job, in Information Technology, was killing me.  I ate too much, moved too little and just thought that was the way it had to be.  I was stuck in the path of least resistance but if I continued I knew I wouldn’t see my 60’s.

I left my job and took some time to figure out what I would do next.  I MENTALLY prepared myself for a life change.  I decided to get healthy by losing weight and now 285 lbs later I am better than I have ever been as an adult.  I prepared myself for a year and had a Realize Band.  It has been extremely effective for me where so many others have failed.  WHY?

I was mentally prepared for my journey.  I spent a year preparing myself for life after the band.

Marshall Evans

What did I learn during my journey?

  • You have to be ready to commit – The Mental Journey is the longest and most important part.
  • There is no magic bullet
  • Don’t deny yourself but control yourself
  • Find foods that are healthy that you love
  • When a situation is consistently making you unhappy change the situation
  • Quick fixes never last – ever. This time won’t be different.
  • Lying to yourself is incredibly easy.  Stop this habit or everything else will fail.
  • It takes months to build a good habit.
  • Doubt is your worst enemy
  • Patience should be cultivated constantly


I’ll be writing more about these topics over the next few weeks.  I’d love to talk to you about my journey and your goals during your appointment!  Subscribe for updates.


Dec 28

Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips

Have you ever considered that you should change things for winter hair care? Winter puts unique stresses on your hair.  The constant movement from a warm to a cold environment saps moisture from your hair.  Here in Raleigh, you get even more challenges do to extreme temperature fluctuations. It is 58 degrees today and yesterday it was 80 degrees! 

winter hair care

Winter Hair Care Tips

Protect your Hair!

Wear a scarf, hat or cap to protect your hair from freezing cold wind and the elements.  The wind can dry your hair out quickly as the low moisture content of the air will pull moisture from your hair.  This can cause more split ends and more static electricity as well. ​

Remember that the SUN is still out in winter and the effect on your hair color can be damaging.  Fading from UV damage is very likely in the winter, especially during snow events when more light is reflected on your hair.

Incorporate a Styling Cream into your Regimen​

Instead of gel or just a light spray Marshall recommends incorporating a styling cream high in humectants into your regimen.  Apply it 2" from the scalp and pull it through to the ends. ​  We recommend Davines Minu Hair Serum. This formula is safe for all hair types and helps add luster and shine. 

Add a Deep Conditioner to your Regimen Twice a Week​

We usually don't think about deep conditioners unless we are facing a particular hair challenge like damage or brittle hair.  However in the Winter Moisture is KEY!  Marshall recommends a deep conditioner be applied weekly up to twice a week during the harsh winter months.  

There are many deep conditioners on the market but we believe in using the Natural sustainably sourced Davines Award Winning NouNou ​Pak.  This nourishing and repairing mask for damaged or very dry hair is ideal for combating winter dry hair. The formula is designed to deeply nourish your hair, it also makes it soft and silky, giving it body. Apply this treatment to your hair instead of conditioner and allow it to sit for up to twenty minutes.  Rinse and style as normal. 

​If you need help with your hair care regimen or a deep conditioning service call us at Parvati's Mirror.  We're located right in Five Points beside NoFo with great parking right in front of the salon!